Friday, June 17, 2011

Calvin Electronics

Today i am going to blog about the calvin electronics shop in tambaram.
This is one of the biggest electronic shop in Tambaram which sells almost all electronic goods in the market starting from diodes to speakers, remotes, CDs, DVDs, Blueray player, pen drive, etc.
If you want to get electronic products for cheaper rates this is the best place.
You will get the best brand of products as well as the worst one. If you have knowledge about the electronic products you can get the best or else sorry to say the otherwise.
If you are thinking to visit one of the worst customer relationship shops i will recommend this one. You have to wait for half an hour to get your product. You can buy a tin coke and stand in line, if possible try to do some shouting so that the shop keeper will notice you.
---------------------God can only save you----------------------------

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Last world cup for the famous crickets

World cup mania is going to start in few days. Before that we have to look in for few popular cricket starts that created history in their own way of batting.
Ricky Ponting:
This guy is in his mid 30’s and the world cup 2011 will be his last one. He has proved his talent in batting, fielding. One of his remarkable achievements is that he led the Australian side to two world cup titles 2003 and 2007. If the Australian side wins this 2011 world cup under his captaincy, he will be the first captain to lead the side for three consecutive world cup titles. I hope this achievement will be very difficult to break.
Achievement - 2003 and 2007 world cup champion.

Jacques Kallis: Age 35.
He is one of the best all- rounder in the world which South Africa posses. His all round talent with Bat and Ball provided variety to South African attack. He has scored 11,000 plus runs and 250 plus wickets. He is one of the front line cricketers who can get South Africa their first world cup title.
Achievement – 2005 ICC player of the Year.

Sachin Tendulkar:
Indian master is aged 36. This will be his last chance to get his dream fulfilled. He almost has all the record which a batsman can achieve, but still his hunger for runs and passion towards the game haven’t gone down. He scored more than 17,000 runs in ODI with 46 hundreds and 93 fifties. He is also the only cricketer to score a double hundred in ODI. If his form continues to be good in this world cup then India can lift their second world cup after 1983.
Achievement: Player of the world cup 2003, most number of runs in ODI, Highest ODI score, most number of centuries.

Shivnarine Chanderpal: Age 36.
He is the consistent performer for West Indies. This guy is now 36 and this will be the last world cup. The batting style which he has is so peculiar and widely popular. He is the guy who can take West Indies to semi final in this world cup. He scored 8000 plus runs at a health average.
Achievement – 2008 ICC Cricketer of the Year.

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Don'ts in Facebook

Things not to do in Facebook:
This post is not only for Facebook but also for all the social network which you are using, at the end you will find all the tips to be safe.

1) Don’t reveal your holiday details
Always be careful about what you say on your status updates and never give out any personal information that you don’t want getting into the wrong hands.
2) Don’t let your mum see your tagged photos
You’ve had one too many drinks and been tagged for all your friends, colleagues and family to see you not looking too hot. Not good. To avoid this, go to your Facebook page, ‘Account’, ‘Privacy Settings’, and make sure Photos and videos you’re tagged in is set to Friends only.
Taking this to the next level, you can also block individual people on top of those groups of people. Go to ‘Customise settings’, ‘Photos and videos I’m tagged in’ and chose to edit settings. Here from the drop-down menu chose ‘customise’ again and then start listing the people you want to hide your photos from.
3) No to date of birth
What’s one of the first security questions you are ever asked when you deal with your bank? What’s your date of birth? And yet here you are giving it away on your Facebook page for all to see. You should never let people see the year you were born.
Go to your Facebook page, ‘Profile’, then ‘Edit profile’. In the first pane (‘Basic information’) chose as to whether you want to ‘Show my full date of birth in my Profile’, ‘Show only day and month in my Profile’ or ‘Don’t show my birthday in my profile’. If you still want birthday wishes go for the second option.
4) Never let apps lie dormant
One for the advanced Facebook user: Never let an app continue to suck your information once you’ve done with it.Remember the days when you played Zombies or maybe Vampires? Well those apps are most likely still active on your account and sucking in your personal data. Scary, huh?
Nip over to your Facebook page, go to ‘Account’, ‘Privacy Setting’ and then ‘Apps, games and websites’, and remove the ones you don’t want.

5) Don’t say yes to keep yourself listed on search engines
Telling your Facebook mates what’s going on in your life is one thing, but letting any old Tom, Dick or Harriet see your Facebook page via a web search is another.We would recommend opting to never have your Facebook details shared with other search engines.
To make sure you aren’t go to your Facebook page, ‘Account’, ‘Privacy Settings’, ‘Apps and websites’, then ‘Public Search’. De-tick the ‘Enable Public Search’ button.
6) No to address and contact details on Facebook
Unless you want app developers knowing where you live and how to contact you we wouldn’t recommend putting any real details in to Facebook for the time being. That means no home address and no phone number.
7) Don’t keep your default settings
The people behind Facebook are keen for you to share your details with the world. The more you share, the more people you connect to, the more people want to sign up. However, sharing everything with all and sundry isn’t a good idea. To check and opt out of the recommended settings, open your Facebook page, click on ‘Account’ in the top right of the screen and then ‘Privacy settings’.
The ‘Recommended settings’ mean that your status, photo, posts, bio, favourite quotation, family and relationship details are shared with everyone. Photos and videos you’re tagged in, religious and political views and birthdays are shared with Friends of friends. Permission to comment on your posts, places you check in to, and contact information are shared with Friends only.
Change all to Friends only, and you’re safe from the prying world.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dispite Sachin Tendulkar century India lost the match

Even though India fought back strongly, South Africa won the match by a Innings and 25 runs. India the number one team in World struggled in its first test match. India have to correct all the mistakes in few days so that they can come back strongly at Durban on 26th.
Pujara in Raina out:
As Raina failed to score in both the innings, Pujara is likely to replace him. Pujara is a strong contender for the middle order place.
Bowling is not worthy:
Indian bowling line up is not good when compared to the South African bowling line up. India took only four SA wickets in this five days, which does not look like a number one team's bowling line up.
If India is not going to pick correct bowlers its going to loose the campion status.

Share your views about the test match. Check out Sachin's 50th Century.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Video of Sachin Tendulkar scoring 50th test century

Master Batsman Sachin Tendulkar Scored his 50th test century in a perfect time against South Africans at Centurian.
The batsman looked in good touch when all the other Indian batsmans struggled. Sachin have a huge responsibility to keep South Africa away from dominating position.
In a recent poll the visitors in South Africa said they want to see master getting the 50th century and their nation (SA) to win the match. But as a Indian I want Sachin to do some magic and draw the match.
Master is batting at 107* with 13 fours and 1 massive six, wish him to score a double century today.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The untold story of Michael Jackson and Bubbles

Animal planet will air a special programme on the close relationship between Michael Jackson and his once-confidante Bubbles.
Bubbles is a Chimpanzee which became famous after accompanying Michael Jackson on his meteoric rise to the top, but it disappeared from the eyes of public in the mid 90s.
Michael and Bubbles:
Animal planet will telecast this program which will reveal the other side of pop king who cares for animals. Don't miss to see "The untold story" in Animal Planet on October 31 at 9PM.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Somdev devvarman won gold medal in tennis

India's Somdev Devvarman won the gold in tennis today. This is a superb domination from Indian tennis star over the Australian. This gold medal has lifted the gold medals to 29, India is retains the 2ND spot. England is the only competition for this position who has 26 gold medals.